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8th August 2008

1:01pm: not your average rummage sale
this saturday
2549 S 29

a couple of peoples worth of stuff that are:

sick of looking at
have too many of
don't fit
don't use

2nd May 2007

7:39pm: i live WaHAHAHAHAHA
no job yet but i am now actively looking and am not afraid to travel anymore. still limited time online but if you need to say anything to me you could just call or heaven forbid text if you Have to. anti had her baby if you didn't know in feb :D

26th January 2007

2:12pm: just a quick bitch
so i am still unemployed, generally doesn't have access to a computer and am now getting ants in the pants. which by the way antionette STill hasn't had her spawn yet. i'm hope its not an omen. well. it will be an anti baby ;P

if one gets bord call luci for coffee.
Current Mood: poop

18th December 2006

12:37pm: just to let you all know
i won't be online for abit.

i'm cleaning out the corner of my desk, and i don't mind. i think i will actually be getting something better. at least that is my current mantra.

by the way i cut my hair by alot. i can feel the breeze on the back of my neck. i'll put a pic soon.
Current Mood: eh

4th December 2006

11:37am: aww this was nice
Neighborhood safety program to lose staff
Funding cut to cost jobs of half the city's Community Partners
Posted: Dec. 1, 2006
A program touted for its street-by-street, house-to-house work with city residents to quell crime and improve neighborhoods will be cut in half next year because of a loss of funds.

Deborah Blanks, CEO of the Social Development Commission, which operates Community Partners, said money for the program has been cut from $1.1 million in 2006 to about $780,000 for 2007. That means that instead of 20 Community Partners working in targeted neighborhoods, there will be nine next year, she said.

Community Partners is part of the city's Safe and Sound crime fighting initiative, which started in 1998. It includes 36 after-school Safe Places for children, law enforcement efforts targeting gangs, drugs and guns, and the Community Partners.

The partners are assigned to specific areas of the city. They go door to door providing information on neighborhood meetings, help set up block watch groups, and provide information on government and community resources to help residents become more involved in their neighborhoods.

"The partners are a very critical element to the Safe and Sound initiative," said Barbara Notestein, executive director of Safe and Sound. She said she's not sure what the effect of the reduction in the partners program will have on the anti-crime efforts.

"We will be reviewing the way we prioritize the neighborhoods and the amount of time that can be spent in those neighborhoods and try to focus on the hardest hit areas and use the resources the best we can," she said.

She said Safe and Sound will try to raise money for the partners program.

County Supervisor Peggy West said the program makes an impact because it involves both residents and law enforcement.

"There's no other program like it in the city," she said.

She said partners helped organize neighborhood meetings that led to the eventual closing of a drug house on S. 9th St.

"That neighborhood turned around by about 80 percent," she said.

Tom Schneider, executive director of the COA Youth and Family Centers, and a Safe and Sound board member who helped start the initiative when he was U.S. attorney, said additional resources to support 20 Community Partners are still being sought.

While Safe and Sound has continued its financial support for the partners program, the Social Development Commission has suffered funding cuts, he said.

Community Partners is funded through a combination of federal and state funds. Blanks said the lost funds for the program include a $300,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice and a $100,000 grant from the state Brighter Futures program. The commission applied for additional funds from other agencies, but the money has not materialized, she said.

Jacquelyn Jaggard, a resident of the Historic Walker's Point neighborhood, said Community Partner Lucy Roman has helped English and Spanish speakers work together on block watches and crime prevention.

She said Roman, who speaks Spanish, also helped organize neighborhood cleanups and set up the Walker's Point Walkers, residents who walk around the neighborhood once a month with her and other officials to point out problems and issues in the neighborhood.

"We got to know some of our neighbors more," Jaggard said. "Lucy's been wonderful."

Roman, who has been a Community Partner since the program started eight years ago, is one of the partners scheduled to be laid off.
Current Mood: grateful

31st October 2006

10:15am: happy halloween everyone :D
i'll be judging the costum contest at landmark on farwell tonight fron 9- midnight. if you have time stop by :)
Current Mood: content

30th October 2006

3:29pm: i was tagged
Write a journal entry with six random facts about yourself.
Then, pick six of your friends list and tag them - no tag backs. These rules should be included in your entry.

1)in middleschool i had THE southside sunflower hairstyle
2)i didn't get my own bed until i was 17 yrs old
3)i couldn't read time until i was in my twentys
4)i have been working steadly since i was 12 yrs. old
5)i have more shoes than i have pants
6)i can't roll my r's

wow. that was kinda hard.
Current Mood: blah

27th October 2006

4:05am: hehehe
The Vampire Novel
Hmm, very interesting! You scored 143!
People are addicted to you, as you make such entertaining and sexy reading material. You get people’s imaginations flowing and make for the type of book people want to read more than once. Cults have been inspired by the likes of you.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 67% on bookpoints
Link: The What Kind Of Book Are You Test written by saucygirl on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
Current Mood: indescribable

24th October 2006

2:12pm: in case you havn't heard ;P

Seraphim Shock
with The Shadowpeople
Sat., November 4th

Club Anything(?)
807 S. 5th St.

i'll be there will you?

17th October 2006

3:33pm: DIA DE LOS MUERTOS!!!!

Dia de Los Muertos

Noon - 12:30pm:  Forest Home Cemetery - Outside near chapel.

Services performed by Father Eleazar from St. Adalbert Parish


12:30pm: Procession on Lincoln Avenue to Kosciuszko Park

View Lincoln Village Businesses with altar window displays


1pm - 4pm: Celebration at Kosciuszko Community Center

Performance by: Ballet Folklorico Nacional Mexica

Halloween Safety by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Fingerprint & photograph your child.  Trick or Treat candy given by event sponsors.

6pm: Dia de los Muertos Mass -  St. Adalbert Parish

FREE Dinner & Dance in church basement to follow.

Saturday October 28th, 2006

Sponsors:  Lincoln Village Business Assn., Forest Home Cemetery, Lincoln State Bank,

Milwaukee Christian Center, Main Street Milwaukee, CDBG, LISC, and Milwaukee County Parks

Current Mood: ecstatic

12th October 2006

5:09pm: oops an update

this weekend 
fri and sat private parties but 
i will be at club whatthefuck on sat  for Hexentanz  to get my groove on :)

5th October 2006

3:07pm: this weekend
so i went to  KMFDM/Combichrist ..... i liked combichrist when i saw them at c12 eh as for kmfdm eh... had fun whatthefuck afterwards.

this fri: Covenant/Imperative Reaction/Rotersand/The Gothsicles/Sensuous Enemy, at Racine. i have room for 1 maybe two more people 

sat DJ JenaMax (industrial, power noise, ebm, electro), DJ Brianne (gothic, new wave), special guest DJ Kristine (from Planet Earth fame), & more ? 
i don't know. myself and julie aka mana will go i have a room in the care for about 2 maybe 3.
Current Mood: okay

2nd October 2006

1:39pm: alright who is going??
i don't mind going to club alone but a concert ;T

WEDNESDAY, 04 October 06: KMFDM/Combichrist/Caustic, at The Rave in MKE.

FRIDAY, 06 October 06: Covenant/Imperative Reaction/Rotersand/The Gothsicles/Sensuous Enemy, at Optyx in Racine!

22nd September 2006

2:37pm: okay so i live under a rock
what is going on this weekend besides Fiesta Boricua this sat?
Current Mood: curious

6th September 2006

5:10pm: Memorial Brides Walk
On September 26, 1999, Gladys Ricart, a Latina, was brutally murdered in her wedding gown on her wedding day.  She was slain by an abusive former partner with who she had a seven year relationship.

Every year, women across the world organize walks, dressed as brides, to not only remember Gladys Ricart, but also to protest against domestic violence.  

We are walking not only to pay tribute to women, but also show solidarity with Latinas who are Victims of Domestic Violence.

We will be disseminating bilingual information on the issue of domestic violence to the Latino Community.

We hope to inspire others to support Latina issues in our community and raise funds for the Latina Resource Center, the only domestic violence support services center in the state of wisconsin that specifically targets Hispanic women.

Kick off at 802 W. Mitchell St.
 10 AM

For more information, please contact Mariana Rodriguez at 414.389.6508

23rd August 2006

4:11pm: hmmm should i be surprised?
Special Report
America's Drunkest Cities
David M. Ewalt, 08.22.06, 6:00 PM ET


It will come as no surprise that the residents of a city known as "The Nation's Watering Hole" like to have a beer or two.

But Milwaukee isn't just your average brewing town. It's the hardest-drinking city in America, according to Forbes.com's ranking of America's Drunkest Cities.

16th August 2006

10:57am: helllooooo

so what is going on this weekend? want to do somthing different.
hmmm. maybe clean my house.
  or clean my car.

no, something fun with people that i actually like.

yes, this is a small list this is my its a friend only post which includes you ;P

Current Mood: blah

31st July 2006

3:59pm: awww i'm in this :)
Photos from Latinos in Milwaukee
Opening Reception: F
riday, September 15, 5-7 PM   

In cooperation with the Latino Historical Society of Wisconsin, Latino Arts will display a selection of photographs and mementos from a newly published pictorial history, Latinos in Milwaukee. This Hispanic Heritage Month event will open with a special reception at which the authors, Dr. Walter Sava and Dr. Joseph Rodriguez, will be on hand to sign copies of the book.

my little picture will be in the book *bashful hand over mouth* i kinda don't want to go to the reception but my aunt will kill me. so i am opening it all who want to come. ;P
Current Mood: oh myy

30th July 2006

6:03pm: hey
i wanna go to chicago anyone want to go?

*edit - never mind gotta work early DAMNIT! i didn't get to do anything fun this weekend :I 

25th July 2006

5:25pm: wow. i'm not sure what to say about this :T
TUESDAY, July 25, 2006, 12 p.m.

Chorizo is the new Racing Sausage

Chorizo, a tasty Mexican sausage, will join fellow meaty friends Hot Dog, Bratwurst, Polish and Italian as the newest member of the Klement's Famous Racing Sausages team at Miller Park.

Chorizo, who will be adorned with a sombrero and decked out in red, green and white, will be formally introduced on Thursday at a press conference at Miller Park.

Latino community leaders had lobbied the Brewers and Klement's to add a Mexican mascot. The unveiling is in conjunction with Cerveceros Day, set for Saturday night at Miller Park.

The addition of a 5th Klement's Racing Sausage should provide Klement's and the Brewers with new marketing and promotional opportunities, especially in the growing Latino community.

Current Mood: confused

24th July 2006

10:53am: REV 06 was AWESOME!
i had fun
friday after dropping off my sister to her happy new husband i headed to kings club were i thought was where REV was at.  however as i was walking up i notice i didn't even see anyone i would even remotely know. now.  i was already apprehensive walking in alone and only knowing a few people but as i was walking in this big g pimp strutted in with his white diamonds.  hmm.  i poked my head in to be bombard to by hip hop. i did an about face and walked out only to almost walked in to this other g dog guy who said to me ' hmmmm mmmm girl'  which i reply ' mm mmm NO'  and went to my car.  *sigh*  i was going home.  but as i was on e washington i remember high noon was another place that matt had events. so as i was about the turn the corner a murder of goth (hehehe sorry had to say it) was crossing the street :D i had such a great time that it hurt when i had to go home that night because of work  the next day.

saturday after work i picked up julie aka Mania Mindkiller and went to the cat's meow.  eh.  my sister and brother-in- law met us on state street and got  russian dumplings.  mmm.  then off to inferno where i danced my bootie off (well. attempted to) and talked up a storm.  

thanks everyone for the hard work (yes. that ment you matt )and i look forward to next year. now if only i could remember where this bruise on my shin and shoulder is from ;P

20th July 2006

3:35pm: HEY YOU! WHO LIVES or will be IN MADISON on SAT
i will be in madison this sat about 2ish. what should i do until rev? 
Current Mood: curious

11th July 2006

11:00am: ooooh kay
so i get myself all set to go and when i get there i get a puzzled look. uhmmm. yeahhh. so apparently there is another roman at that office and is at the hospital so canceled my appointment. it is now on thurs. *sniff* hope i'm not out this weekend :(

10th July 2006

3:23pm: ouche
so i gave in and went to dumdumdummm the dentist *EEEEEEK* now i haven't been there in quite some time. yeah.  i know .  i have the hillbilly teeth and all i should of gone some time ago but since my left cheek looked more like i was storing food and hot and cold food were no longer an option i gave in.  to make a long story short *i know too late* i had one molar removed on sat and a root canal today.  needless to say i stayed in last weekend but i hope to be to see ronan eat a sammich on fri and joe wail on sat :)

;T uhmmph see today entry 7.11.06
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