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i had fun
friday after dropping off my sister to her happy new husband i headed to kings club were i thought was where REV was at.  however as i was walking up i notice i didn't even see anyone i would even remotely know. now.  i was already apprehensive walking in alone and only knowing a few people but as i was walking in this big g pimp strutted in with his white diamonds.  hmm.  i poked my head in to be bombard to by hip hop. i did an about face and walked out only to almost walked in to this other g dog guy who said to me ' hmmmm mmmm girl'  which i reply ' mm mmm NO'  and went to my car.  *sigh*  i was going home.  but as i was on e washington i remember high noon was another place that matt had events. so as i was about the turn the corner a murder of goth (hehehe sorry had to say it) was crossing the street :D i had such a great time that it hurt when i had to go home that night because of work  the next day.

saturday after work i picked up julie aka Mania Mindkiller and went to the cat's meow.  eh.  my sister and brother-in- law met us on state street and got  russian dumplings.  mmm.  then off to inferno where i danced my bootie off (well. attempted to) and talked up a storm.  

thanks everyone for the hard work (yes. that ment you matt )and i look forward to next year. now if only i could remember where this bruise on my shin and shoulder is from ;P
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